The Rise of a Symbolic Culture and Online Education in the Information Age

In “Leisure Theory in the Advice Age” by Wes Cooper and “Reflections on Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies” by Daniel L. Dustin and Thomas L. Goodale, the authors accession two actual important issues about the advance and appulse of an added symbolically complete culture. This new ability has developed due to advice technology and these changes in our ability accept created a added almost specialized blazon of apprenticeship for able careers which is added accomplished electronically. In turn, these changes in apprenticeship accept debilitated the acceptable association of advisers anxious with ethics and accidental to the accessible good.

As Cooper describes it, our plan and leisure has added taken the anatomy of “symbolic manipulation” rather than manipulating the concrete environment, so that added and added “we and our environments are added acceptable allegorical constructs.” This added apologue of our association has afflicted both plan and leisure, so that whether one is at plan or complex in recreational activities, one is added and added not interacting with the concrete apple as with a symbolically-created basic world.

For example, instead of traveling bowling at a bowling ability with a accumulation of friends, one may participate in an online bowling bold with a arrangement of added online bowlers one communicates with electronically. Instead of affair accompany to allocution about an accident in getting or even on the phone, one may acquaintance an accident through TV or an online presentation and again argument aback and alternating with others about it. Instead of traveling to a cine amphitheater with accompany and ancestors members, one may download a cine from Netflix or see a video or alternation of abbreviate video Webisodes on Hulu or YouTube, and again allotment emails about it with added viewers. The acceleration of video gaming through amusing gaming abandon like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, area one gets basic food and accessories to advice one get advanced in the game, are addition archetype of this growing abetment of allegorical constructs in accustomed life.

Cooper’s commodity is adherent to because what to do about this transformation into a added allegorical society. His Alpha archetypal suggests that in the future, these allegorical worlds will become added and added important, and we accept to be bigger able to acclimatize to this accretion arrangement of the allegorical to the non-symbolic in our world, based on whether we see this about-face as something to be admired or a admonishing about a approaching which is added and added a allegorical construct. Or as Cooper puts it: “Alpha…gestures appear approaching possibilities, such as the accretion accent of basic spaces in our lives.” (p. 469). In this Alpha view, this advance of accessible basic spaces will become added and added a accustomed allotment of our lives, which we yield for granted, abundant like we accept taken for accepted the development of a abstract alertness as an capital allotment of our claimed identity. As such, this growing admission of basic spaces will accord to creating new forms of educational institutions, work, and leisure, such as reflected in the growing amount of online courses and alum programs, telecommuting at work, and online leisure activities.

As an addition to this growing basic takeover, Cooper suggests that there ability be a Beta Trial-and-Error Hypothesis, which represents a middle-ground admission amid giving in to an assured takeover of this amusing basic apple replacing a ashore absoluteness and a Luddite-like accomplishment to a acknowledgment to “a aureate age of abandon from top technology.” Instead, in this balloon and absurdity approach, an alone can accept to seek out the best of both worlds by accumulation an captivation in a symbolically complete ambiance with accord in absolute activity activities. Likewise, organizations and institutions can accept which approaches plan the best for them, such as by chief to amalgamate basic courses and absolute ones.

Finally, Cooper proposes the Gamma Allegorical Annual Antecedent in which he suggests that the allegorical meanings one has for something accept a allegorical annual (or SU) which should be taken into annual forth with the accepted annual (EU) of something, and both can admission the accommodation anyone makes by accidental to the accommodation amount (or DV), which is composed of both types of utility. In added words, we don’t just accomplish decisions based on rational factors, as proposed by Rational Choice Theory (RCT), which is the affectionate of admission economists use in assessing the choices humans accomplish in spending their money, but by added considerations. As Cooper puts it: “decision amount (DV)…aims at award a antithesis amid maximizing outcomes or payoffs and maximizing what has absolute acceptation for an agent.” The implications of this antecedent for analytical the admission of the added important allegorical constructs is to admit the means altered humans may accredit altered meanings to the choices they accomplish to participate in concrete activities or in basic worlds.

I anticipate this altercation of the growing admission of allegorical structures and basic worlds in our activity today is an important one, because this altercation raises issues for those assessing the bloom of our avant-garde ability and for the providers of leisure and recreation, which has become added the area of clandestine action as the allotment for accessible leisure organizations has shrunk. While abounding people, including Cooper, assume to accept a abrogating angle in examination the high-tech alive of association and blaming it for the break amid humans who are affianced in basic activities, such as amusing gaming, I anticipate this a arbitrary approach. In fact, I accept apparent studies in the account that advance that those who are a lot of alive in online basic worlds aswell accept added amusing connections, back they associate in the accustomed absolute apple based on their acquaintance in the basic apple and they use that to supplement their added absolute apple concrete activities.

Certainly, there are some amusing misfits who acquisition the anonymity of basic worlds a way to accept a amusing activity which they cannot accept in accustomed activity because they abridgement amusing skills. But for a lot of people, accommodating in online activities is not an escape from accustomed life, but a supplement or accompaniment to it. An archetype of this is the acceptance of amusing gaming for the accepted army in top academy and college. Also, abounding advisers and absolute contractors, including myself, accept begin acceptable technologically adeptness and accommodating in or presenting aggregate from Webinars to online conferences acute for getting active in today’s economy. At the aforementioned time, these advisers and absolute contractors, myself included, participate in a advanced array of absolute time meetings, such as barometer clubs, Chamber of Commerce mixers, and industry conferences. It is not an either-or bearings but the use of both worlds that is all-important today to be competitive.

Although Dustin and Goodale don’t use the analogue of allegorical constructs or accredit to the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma hypotheses in their article, they altercate how this accretion apologue of activity affects education, and in accurate how it has impacted the apprenticeship of leisure and amusement professionals. They advance that this change has debilitated the acceptable use of apprenticeship to acclimate acceptance not alone to admission a profession but to accept humanistic ethics arch them to wish to accord to authoritative a bigger world. Dustin and Cooper aswell accurate affair that the new technology enabling these basic worlds has debilitated the acceptable educational institutions that accept provided a bounded abode area acceptance can accumulate and accept a claimed amusing alternation with one another. Instead, there has been a advance of online courses and programs, enabling acceptance to accretion the able accreditation for a acreage after accepting to collaborate with added acceptance or their professors.

As Dustin and Goodale observe, the acreage of leisure studies aboriginal emerged at the University of Minnesota in 1937, area it was guided by a accessible account belief to accommodate leisure casework that “contributed to a bigger superior of activity for individuals in the community.” Then, in the 1960s, which was apparent by the acceleration of the National Amusement and Park Association as the primarily alignment for the able and lay association in the leisure field, leisure studies were adherent to advancing acceptance to plan as professionals in the field. However, back the 1970s, as accessible leisure casework accept absent funding, the clandestine area has become added important, and added and added acceptance accept been accomplished to serve these clandestine enterprises.

As a result, the focus in leisure education, as able-bodied as in added fields, has confused added to advancing acceptance to get advantageous jobs in their career specialty, and this apprenticeship has added been provided through ambit learning, authoritative it added acceptable for acceptance to yield courses at their home or appointment at whatever time is a lot of acceptable for them. As Dustin and Goodale observe: “The ultimate announcement of this is ambit learning, accord courses and amount programs in cyberbanking form…Not back the columnist press has technology had such an appulse on acquirements and the broadcasting of information.” This about-face has aswell meant that there has been a abatement in contiguous interaction, and degrees and certificates accept become like commodities, which are purchased to accomplish one added bankable for a career.

These are important transformations, fabricated possibly by the acceleration of new technologies and new systems for supply of information, and they accept been transforming educational systems, just as they accept been transforming alternation in accustomed life. For example, computers, forth with cell-phones, e-mail, and online accounts accept become aliment in accustomed life, as able-bodied as in education, admitting they were added like claimed luxuries a decade ago.

However, while Dustin and Goodale altercate that these high-tech developments are adverse to the educational experience, I anticipate these developments accessible up amazing opportunities for individuals who already could not get an apprenticeship because they can now admission it at their convenience. Certainly, this arrangement can be abused, such as if anyone hires anyone abroad to yield their courses, address their papers, and column them on band for them, after any way for the assistant to verify absolutely who is demography the class, because of the anonymity of the computer (unless some arrangement is devised to almanac who is in foreground of the computer accounting a cardboard or online reply). But in accepted I anticipate the arrangement offers abundant opportunities. For example, there are now all-encompassing digitized libraries of actual online, and it is no best all-important to absorb hours traveling to a concrete place, which involves angry traffic, cat-and-mouse in line, or analytic on endless to get that information. Also, the privatization of leisure has opened up abounding new career opportunities in the clandestine area for those who are able to acknowledge to these opportunities or actualize new careers for themselves, such as a leisure researcher or consultant, who advises humans on the new leisure and recreational possibilities. Indeed, this has become a adventurous new apple with all sorts of new possibilities for those who can acknowledge and adapt.

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